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Protein-protein interactions and miRNA-target interactions are important for deciphering the mechanisms of tumorigenesis. However, current PPI databases do not support cancer-specific analysis. Also, no available databases can be used to retrieve cancer-associated miRNA-target interactions. Since the pathogenesis of human cancers is affected by several miRNAs rather than a single miRNA, it is needed to uncover miRNA synergism in a systems level. Here, for each cancer type, we constructed a miRNA-miRNA functionally synergistic network based on the functions of miRNA targets and their topological features in that cancer PPI network. And for the first time, we report the cancer-specific database, CancerNet, which contains information about PPIs, miRNA-target interactions and functionally synergistic miRNA-miRNA pairs across 33 human cancer types. In addition, PPI information across 33 main normal tissues and cell types are included.
    Flexible query methods are allowed to retrieve cancer molecular interactions. Network viewer can be used to visualize interactions that users are interested in. Enrichment analysis tool was designed to detect significantly overrepresented GO categories of miRNA targets. Thus, CancerNet serves as a comprehensive platform for assessing the roles of proteins and miRNAs, as well as their interactions across human cancers.


The workflow includes three parts, identification of cancer-wide and cancer-specific PPIs, miRNA-target interactions and functionally similar miRNA-miRNA pairs.


1. Search

Flexible query methods are allowed in CancerNet. Users can query all interactions formed by one molecular or a particular molecular interaction across diverse cancer types.
First, select your interested molecular interaction type(miRNA-miRNA,PPI,miRNA-Target). Here, we take miRNA-Target for example:


2. Result list


3. Network viewer


4. Enrichment analysis



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