CloneAssistant 1.0: a standalone software for automated cloning primer design

"CloneAssistant 1.0" is a standalone software, which can automatically design the cloning primers for users with full consideration of the sequence information of vectors and genes, cloning strategies, the principles of primer design, reading frame, position effects, and enzymatic reaction conditions. It can be used for restriction map analysis, ORF (open reading frame) finding, sequence alignment and complementary analysis, translation, restriction enzyme and universal buffer query, and isocaudamer analysis.

"CloneAssistant 1.0" makes the gene cloning design easier, and it is free for download.

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  • CloningPrimer Design
  • Restriction Map
  • Enzyme Finder
  • ORF finder
  • UniversalBuffer Finder
  • Alignment
  • Complementary
  • Translator
  • Database
  • Citation

  • Chaogang Shao, Yijun Meng, Shaolei Lv, Wei Zhong, Zheyu Wang, Ming Chen* (2010) CloneAssistant 1.0: a stand-alone software for automated cloning primer design. Journal of Biotechnology, online.

  • Maintained by M.Chen's group of Bioinformatics, Zhejiang University, China. Since 2010.