Scaffold in IAA biosynthesis pathway

1. Increasing yields

Compared with strain without basic scaffold D0, IAA output with D0 resulted in a 1.4 fold increase.

Fig.1 IAA Concentration/OD of Bacteria with or without D0 (IPTG 0.2mM)

2. Regulating reaction accelerated speed

Compared with non-scaffold enzyme system, when theophylline is absent, IAA output increases by 1.43 fold while with 0.4mM theophylline, IAA output increases by 1.46 fold. Clover version 3's ability to accelerate IAA production improves when theophylline presents. Results show that theophylline can regulate and tune the extent of reaction speed acceleration through changing the conformation of alloscaffolds.

Fig.2 IAA Concentration/OD of Bacteria with 0mM or 0.4mM theophylline (IPTG 0.2mM).