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OsCAS(Oryza sativa Chips Annotation System) is a comprehensive system designed to annotate the results of rice microarray experiments and analysis relationships between genes based on their expression. The aim of the platform is to facilitate the study of differently expressed genes in the microarray experiments within the framework of systems biological research. Using a user-friendly web interface, OsCAS accepts a set of genechip IDs which can be used to retrieve relavent annotations using programs selected by the user. Several public databases are integrated, including Genebank, Unigene, SwissProt, TIGR, KOME, KEGG, Gene Ontology, MirBase to cover gene information, protein features, metabolic pathways, regulatory factors in rice. OsCAS has been applied successfully to annotate large sets of genechip IDs from several rice microarray experiments and to facilitate the further analysis of varied genes.

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Citation: Qingyun Shi, Yijun Meng, Dijun Chen, Fei He, Haibin Gu, Ping Wu, Ming Chen* (2010) OsCAS: a comprehensive web-based annotation platform for rice microarray data. BioChip Journal, 4(1): 9-15.

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