Oryza sativa Proteome Annotation Database of 2D-PAGE

Welcome to OsPAD!

OsPAD is a systemic proteome annotation database for Oryza sativa with integrated rice proteomics data on the basis of two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. The mission of OsPAD is to provide the biologists with a comprehensive and freely accessible resource of rice's proteomic information together with several online tools.


Search Engine

  • 2D-PAGE Search

    Input parameters such as pI, MW and selective tissues/organelles, there would be a list of gel spots with comprehensive information.

  • UniProt Search

    This tool would help users to get interested protein information from UniProt together with related metabolic information.

  • KEGG Search

    This tool would help users to get interested metabolic information from KEGG.

  • Onlie Tools

  • Onlie Annotation

    Do automatic annotation work with users' submitting 2D-PAGE data.

  • Onlie Alignment

    Perform online mutiple-alignment towards several submitting 2D-PAGE gels.

  • E 2D-PAGE

    Show virtual gel images of users' submitting 2D-PAGE data.

  • Pathway Analysis

    Do statistical analysis of pathways with submitting Swiss-Prot/TrEMBL ID/ACs.