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In this module, SNPs existed in the pre-miRNAs and the miRNA—target pairing regions have been collected, and the resulting pre-miRNA secondary structure transformation or miRNA—target misregulation has also been indicated. Currently, SNPs among 7 (Col-0, Bur-0, Tsu-1, Ler-1, Bay-0, Sha and Cvi-0) Arabidopsis and 21 rice (93-11, Nipponbare, Tainung 67, Li-Jiang-Xin-Tuan-Hei-Gu, M 202, Azucena, Moroberekan, Cypress, Dom-Sufid, N 22, Dular, FR13 A, Aswina, Rayada, IR64-21, Shan-Huang Zhan-2, Pokkali, Swarna, Sadu-Cho, Minghui 63, and Zhenshan 97B) subspecies are available. Col-0 and Nipponbare served as the references for SNP annotations in Arabidopsis and rice, respectively.