General Information
Locus NameLOC_Os10g38950.1        View Network    Show in Genome Browser
Other NamesOs10g0533600
DescriptionCGMC_MAPKCMGC_2_ERK.14 - CGMC includes CDA, MAPK, GSK3, and CLKC kinases, expressed
Gene AttributesChromosome: Chr10
CDS Coordinates (5'-3'): 20756089-20760021
Nucleotide Length: 1131
Gene Ontology Classification
GO Name Type Code
GO:0016043 cellular component organizationBiological ProcessIEA
GO:0009987 cellular process Biological ProcessIEA
GO:0008152 metabolic process Biological ProcessIEA
GO:0006464 protein modification process Biological ProcessIEA
GO:0009628 response to abiotic stimulus Biological ProcessIEA
GO:0009607 response to biotic stimulus Biological ProcessIEA
GO:0009719 response to endogenous stimulusBiological ProcessIEA
GO:0006950 response to stress Biological ProcessIEA
GO:0007165 signal transduction Biological ProcessIEA
GO:0016301 kinase activityMolecular FunctionIEA
GO:0005515 protein bindingMolecular FunctionIEA
GO:0004871 signal transducer activity Molecular FunctionIEA
GO:0005737 cytoplasm Cellular ComponentIEA
GO:0005829 cytosolCellular ComponentIEA
GO:0005634 nucleusCellular ComponentIEA
Regulatory Genes ( Show Network In Viewer )
Upstream GenesLOC_Os01g32660  LOC_Os02g15810  LOC_Os06g06090  LOC_Os01g69920  
LOC_Os06g05520  LOC_Os02g05630  LOC_Os03g17700  LOC_Os01g74000  
LOC_Os05g26890  LOC_Os06g27890  LOC_Os06g36770  More..
Downstream GenesLOC_Os12g07590  LOC_Os12g12860  LOC_Os10g42950  LOC_Os10g41930  
LOC_Os11g10100  LOC_Os12g19290  LOC_Os12g41180  LOC_Os12g30150  
LOC_Os11g04170  LOC_Os12g03970  LOC_Os10g39540  More..
PubMed17541629  16673940  20663089  
Database Links
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KEGGosa:4349225  dosa:Os10t0533600-01