General Information
Locus NameLOC_Os02g34940.1        View Network    Show in Genome Browser
Other NamesOs02g0554900
DescriptionOsPDIL1-3 protein disulfide isomerase PDIL1-3, expressed
Gene AttributesChromosome: Chr2
CDS Coordinates (5'-3'): 20957207-20961825
Nucleotide Length: 1638
Gene Ontology Classification
GO Name Type Code
GO:0008150 biological_process Biological ProcessIEA
GO:0008219 cell death Biological ProcessIEA
GO:0009987 cellular process Biological ProcessIEA
GO:0009790 embryo development Biological ProcessIEA
GO:0008152 metabolic process Biological ProcessIEA
GO:0009791 post-embryonic development Biological ProcessIEA
GO:0000003 reproduction Biological ProcessIEA
GO:0009628 response to abiotic stimulus Biological ProcessIEA
GO:0006950 response to stress Biological ProcessIEA
GO:0003824 catalytic activity Molecular FunctionIEA
GO:0005515 protein bindingMolecular FunctionIEA
GO:0005618 cell wall Cellular ComponentIEA
GO:0005783 endoplasmic reticulumCellular ComponentIEA
GO:0016020 membrane Cellular ComponentIEA
GO:0009536 plastidCellular ComponentIEA
GO:0009579 thylakoid Cellular ComponentIEA
GO:0005773 vacuoleCellular ComponentIEA
Regulatory Genes ( Show Network In Viewer )
Upstream GenesLOC_Os02g02410  LOC_Os01g56670  LOC_Os02g01920  LOC_Os01g51380  
LOC_Os01g10340  LOC_Os01g07376  LOC_Os01g49190  LOC_Os01g07920  
LOC_Os01g19470  LOC_Os01g69970  LOC_Os01g67054  More..
Downstream GenesLOC_Os10g35470  LOC_Os10g27340  LOC_Os09g27830  LOC_Os10g35720  
LOC_Os03g58890  LOC_Os03g07000  LOC_Os02g58070  LOC_Os03g51600  
LOC_Os07g09630  LOC_Os03g58880  LOC_Os07g08840  More..
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KEGGosa:4329652  dosa:Os02t0554900-01