General Information
Locus NameLOC_Os03g01910.1        View Network    Show in Genome Browser
Other NamesOs03g0109600
Descriptiontranscription factor BTF3, putative, expressed
Gene AttributesChromosome: Chr3
CDS Coordinates (5'-3'): 560210-562685
Nucleotide Length: 531
Gene Ontology Classification
GO Name Type Code
GO:0009628 response to abiotic stimulus Biological ProcessIEA
GO:0006950 response to stress Biological ProcessIEA
GO:0003674 molecular_function Molecular FunctionIEA
Regulatory Genes ( Show Network In Viewer )
Upstream GenesLOC_Os01g59990  LOC_Os02g27760  LOC_Os01g71230  LOC_Os01g50360  
LOC_Os01g61814  LOC_Os01g16890  LOC_Os02g48660  LOC_Os01g54870  
LOC_Os02g01332  LOC_Os01g25610  LOC_Os02g01560  More..
Downstream GenesLOC_Os03g02960  LOC_Os05g40820  LOC_Os07g10720  LOC_Os07g12250  
LOC_Os03g18570  LOC_Os03g18580  LOC_Os05g27940  LOC_Os09g32976  
LOC_Os08g23710  LOC_Os09g24690  LOC_Os08g06040  More..
miRNA Regulations
PubMed14750518  23147221  
Database Links
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KEGGosa:4331347  dosa:Os03t0109600-01