General Information
Locus NameLOC_Os09g26940.1        View Network    Show in Genome Browser
Other NamesOs09g0441100
Descriptioncytochrome P450, putative, expressed
Gene AttributesChromosome: Chr9
CDS Coordinates (5'-3'): 16361323-16363289
Nucleotide Length: 1578
Gene Ontology Classification
GO Name Type Code
GO:0009058 biosynthetic process Biological ProcessIEA
GO:0009987 cellular process Biological ProcessIEA
GO:0008152 metabolic process Biological ProcessIEA
GO:0009628 response to abiotic stimulus Biological ProcessIEA
GO:0009719 response to endogenous stimulusBiological ProcessIEA
GO:0019748 secondary metabolic process Biological ProcessIEA
GO:0003824 catalytic activity Molecular FunctionIEA
GO:0019825 oxygen binding Molecular FunctionIEA
Regulatory Genes ( Show Network In Viewer )
Upstream GenesLOC_Os08g38160  LOC_Os07g13800  LOC_Os06g18790  LOC_Os05g42060  
LOC_Os04g44354  LOC_Os03g60960  LOC_Os01g59110  LOC_Os01g53420  
LOC_Os01g53380  LOC_Os01g53350  LOC_Os01g53370  More..
Downstream GenesLOC_Os10g18530  LOC_Os09g34230  LOC_Os10g18480  LOC_Os10g18510  
LOC_Os09g34250  LOC_Os09g34270  LOC_Os09g34214  LOC_Os10g17489  
LOC_Os09g30980  LOC_Os11g25454  LOC_Os10g07970  More..
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KEGGosa:4347175  dosa:Os09t0441100-01