Circular RNAs (circRNAs), a novel class of endogenous RNAs, are widespread in eukaryotic cells. Most circRNAs are generated through back-splicing of pre-mRNAs, forming a covalently closed loop structure with no 5' caps or 3' polyadenylated tails. Increasing evidence reveals that circRNAs are widespread in eukaryotes and play important roles in diverse biological processes.

CircFunBase is a web-accessible database that aims to provide a high-quality functional circRNA resource including experimentally validated and computationally predicted functions. The current version of CircFunBase documents more than 7000 manually curated functional circRNA entries, mainly including Homo sapiens, Mus musculus, etc. CircFunBase provides visualized circRNA-miRNA interaction networks. In addition, a genome browser is provided to present the genome context of circRNAs. As a biological information platform for circRNAs, CircFunBase will contribute for circRNA studies and bridge the gap between circRNAs and their functions.

 What's NEW

 2019-10-08 : Add visit map

 2019-02-04 : "CircFunBase: a database for functional circular RNAs" online

 2018-12-15 : Beautify pages, add tissue, method, expression, etc. attributes

 2018-10-30 : Add a new species (Oryctolagus cuniculus) to CircFunBase.

 2018-08-31 : Add Api module to CircFunBase.

 2018-05-15 : Add Blast module to CircFunBase.

 2018-05-02 : Add a new species (Cotton, Gossypium spp.) to CircFunBase.

 2018-04-17 : Add a new species (Cattle, Bos taurus) to CircFunBase.

 2018-03-14 : Add a new species (Chicken, Gallus gallus) to CircFunBase.

 2018-02-07 : Update the front page.

 2017-12-26 : Add miRNA-circRNA interactions to CircFunBase.

 2017-12-12 : Add RNA-binding proteins of circRNAs to CircFunBase.

 2017-11-03 : The CircFunBase website was initially constructed.

 2017-10-25 : The collection of functional circRNAs finished.

 2017-10-05 : The CircFunBase project launched.