2017-07-18: Triticum aestivum added.

2017-07-13: Parent gene link added.

2017-02-06: Update the front page.

2016-10-16: PlantCircNet website construction finished.

2016-03-05: The PlantCircNet project launched.

PlantCircNet is the first database that provides plant circRNA-miRNA-gene regulatory networks, as well as circRNA information and circRNA expression profiles. It provides convenient search functions for circRNA-associated regulatory networks, and enables users to retrieve regulatory interactions of interest by circRNAs, miRNAs and mRNAs across eight model species. Sequences search is also avaliable. And an enrichment analysis tool has been provided for Gene Ontology categories of miRNA targets.

    Furthermore, the detailed information of a specific circRNA can be queried, including genomic loci, parental gene, unique reads, isoform and expression level. Genome browser are also presented in details. All detailed information for a species can be queried and downloaded from the download page.