General Information
Protein IDLOC_Os01g39770        View Network
NamesCalcineurin B-like protein 9
FunctionActs as a calcium sensor. CBL proteins interact with CIPK serine-threonine protein kinases. Binding of a CBL protein to the regulatory NAF domain of a CIPK protein lead to the activation of the kinase in a calcium-dependent manner (By similarity).
AttributesLength: 291
Status: Complete
Existence: Evidence at transcript level
Molecular Weight: 32892.5
pI: 4.5824
Subcellular Location (adjusted): Plasma membrane  
Gene ModelLOC_Os01g39770.1  LOC_Os01g39770.2  LOC_Os01g39770.3  
Protein-Protein Interaction ( Show in Viewer )
LOC_Os03g46390  LOC_Os06g40370  LOC_Os10g30520  
Database Links
EMBLDQ201203  AP008207  
KEGGosa:9269084  dosa:Os01t0579600-01